Services and Solutions

Don't let the name confuse you! OSGOLF stands for Online Solutions for the web and a personal affinity towards the game of golf. I'm a professional web and media developer with over 16 years of freelance experience in creating effective web, media, and online marketing solutions for a wide range of clients from many different business backgrounds. I design and develop both personal and business sites, and digital marketing solutions. I work mostly with small to medium size businesses. I also provide technology consulting for companies without IT departments or personell who aren't tech saavy so that they can be assured a project being worked on by a third party is going to meet their needs and done at a fair price. Unfortunately, there are projects where I may not be available or have other conflicts and unable to assist. If that's the case, I am more than happy to provide you with some quality references and help point you in the right direction.

I take pride in providing my clients with personable, and superior web, media, and marketing solutions. I also have a special interests in serving the golfing community and various charities. If you are a country club, golf course, league, tournament, or golf manufacturer looking for an online solution for your golf related project, then lets discuss your project.

Services include:

  • Web Design (web sites, advertising, banner campaigns, streaming media, mobile)
  • Application Development (.Net, ASP, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, Flash, mobile)
  • Digital Marketing Solutions (frameworks, social media, e-blast, banner ads, analytics)
  • Web Analytics (site metrics, funnel analysis, social analytics formulas, Coremetrics, Google Analytics)
  • E-Commerce Solutions (shopping carts, payment gateways, shipping providers)
  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting Solutions
  • Email Solutions (marketing - Constant Contact, Bizgrader)
  • Streaming Media (Content Delivery Networks)
  • Content Management Solutions

Remember, if there's something I can't assist you with, I know plenty of highly skilled local resources who could assist you with a solution. See the Contact page for further inquiry.